The Type Five in Addiction Recovery

The Investigator—The Intense, Cerebral Type By Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CCPC Copyright 2014 Version 1.0 _________________________________________________________________ The Healthy Five Terry, a Type Five Investigator extraordinaire, walks through the back door of the 8 AM, Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a gangly softness to his movements. A well-navigated precision to each step, he quietly moves through the … Continue reading

The Type One, The Enneagram & Addiction Recovery

        Type One in Recovery The Reformer: The Rational, Idealistic Type Copyright 2014 by Michael Naylor, M.Ed ____________________________________________________________________________ The Healthy One John, a Type One, is a delight when he’s healthy. Light-hearted, kind, reasonable, fair, wise, discerning, Jon Stewart-funny (of The Daily Show) and self-effacing, he can laugh at his tendencies to … Continue reading

The Type Two in Addiction Recovery

  Type Two in Addiction Recovery The Helper—The Caring, Interpersonal Type By Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCPC, LADC, CCS Copyright  2013 ________________________________________________________________________ Healthy Two Thomas came into addiction recovery twenty-four years ago, and it shows. Sitting at an AA meeting, his angular face and body embody stillness, grace, strength and gentleness. One hears the moment he … Continue reading

Type Four In Addiction Recovery–Transforming Longing into Compassion

    Type Four in Recovery Copyright 2012 by Michael Naylor, M.Ed The Individualist—The Sensitive, Introspective Type   The Healthy Four Thomas came into recovery eight years ago. He was a 30-year-old-heroin addict and alcoholic and homeless, not a penny to his name. Raised in foster homes, and living on the street since age sixteen, … Continue reading