Type Nine: Entering the Mystical Unifying Flow

   Type Nine in Recovery—The Peacemaker  By Michael Naylor, M.Ed., CCS, LADC, CCPC  Copyright 2017 Version 1 http://www.enneagrammaine.com    The Healthy Type Nine: In the Mystical Unifying Flow   Marty, a lanky Type Nine addiction’s counselor, glides across the room, his presence so seamlessly interwoven and in-flow with the texture, depth, and the psychological energy … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Recovery: Type Eight at Level 9

A Perilous Type Eight Journey to Level 9 by Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCS, CPCC, LADC Copyright 2017 V.1 http://www.enneagrammaine.com I had the deep pleasure of getting to know Allan in his fifteen year journey to be a sober and clean man. A tall, lanky, James Dean, good-looking, smart-as-God guy, who was intensely aware of the … Continue reading

The Type Eight in Addiction Recovery: The Lion Heart

Type Eight in Recovery—The Lion-Hearted Challenger By Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CCPC International Enneagram Association Professional Teacher and Member http://www.enneagrammaine.com Copyright 2017, Version 1.0 ____________________________________________________________________________________________                                                     The Heart and … Continue reading

The Type Three in Addiction Recovery–the Passion to be The Best

“Be aware of the transformational process, no matter what type you are. The more we allow ourselves to feel the pain of our self-abandonment, the Essential qualities that we have been longing for begin to arise in us. The unfinished business of childhood begins to resolve itself in our psyches and our hearts begin to … Continue reading

The Type Seven in Addiction Recovery

  The Type Seven in Recovery Copyright 2014 by Michael Naylor, M.Ed, CCPC, LADC, CCS/Version 1.0 The ENTHUSIAST—The Excitable, Variety-Seeking Type “Happiness comes from Inner Peace…nowhere else!” Dalai Lama ____________________________________________________ The Healthy Seven I watch Peter, a true type Seven, walk into the basement of St. Jude’s Church where other members of AA are arriving, … Continue reading